Soak Byron Bay - Body Butter


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      Rich organic oils to rehydrate parched skin hand blended with nourishing shea butter to smooth, soften and strengthen the skin. An indulgent, buttery balm that will leave a luscious sheen to the skin combined with a deliciously sweet honey scent.

      How to use:

      Rub a small amount between the palms to soften and release the ingredients potency. Massage into dry skin paying attention to drier areas.


      • Organic virgin coconut oil* Excellent moisturiser providing deep long-lasting moisture. Contains vitamin E essential for nourishing and maintaining healthy skin. Rich in proteins vital in anti-ageing by assisting cell repair and protecting the skin from damage.  Antibacterial and anti-fungal. Naturally soothing nature that helps calm the skin.
      • Organic refined shea butter* Considered a superfood for the skin due to its rich vitamin A and vitamin E content. Provides the skin with essential fatty acids and nutrients that assist in the skin's natural collagen production. Incredibly moisturising, helps prevent dehydration and protects the natural oils of the skin. Reduces inflammation. 
      • Organic beeswax*  A natural skin protectant that forms a protective barrier to hold onto moisture and protect the skin against environmental damage. A good source of vitamin A helps in exfoliation and rejuvenation. Effective skin conditioner to soothe and hydrate. Included as an emulsifier. (Note: we are trying to source a vegan-friendly alternative.)
      • Organic virgin jojoba oil*  A liquid wax derived from the nut of an indigenous American shrub. Esteemed for its close resemblance to sebum, a substance produced by the skin, making it a natural skin conditioner and moisturiser. Penetrates quickly and deeply into the lower layers of the skin. Contains proteins and minerals that mimic collagen in the skin. Naturally rich in vitamin A for skin damage, cell repair and cell regeneration. Source of essential fatty acids, omega 6 and omega 9 to help repair and regenerate damaged skin tissue. Cleanses and helps balance natural oils of the skin.

      * Certified organic ingredient

      Contents 150g

      We recommend patch testing before use

      For external use only

      Recyclable packaging

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