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Certified Organic and natural ingredients. 

We select only the finest quality certified organic and natural ingredients for our products. Hand blended in small batches to: 



Zen Green Tea’s matcha starts from our green tea plants grown on the slopes of Kyoto, Japan. Its incredible health benefits come from the unique process in which the tea leaves are shaded, hand picked, strictly graded and then stone ground into a fine, vibrant green tea powder. 


A superfood like no other, the turmeric root spreads its benefits far and wide. Standing the test of time; thousands of years, and the brutality of credible scientific testing, there is no doubting the recent popularity surrounding the brilliant yellow spice is justified.

NEW - Dr Krasser's Care Products - find them in our Zen Store

Dr Krasser is a GP working in Yeppoon, Queensland, since 2003, with a special interest in nutritional and environmental medicine.

Your body will absorb almost everything applied to your skin. It is important to choose care products with healthy ingredients, as you will expose yourself to them every day.

Most of my products are created with natural ingredients like oils and butters, and I choose organic sources wherever possible. I love to create care products that look good, have a pleasant smell (a very personal preference) and are of a consistency that feels good and especially feels good on the skin. Natural oils and butters do not only provide healthy moisturisers, but they are also full of vitamins, essential amino acids and minerals that protect, feed and possibly help repair the skin.

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Organic Holistic Wellness

Now this is Holistic Organic living.

Wake up to a Golden Grind Turmeric latte to start the day. A latte that tastes warm, slightly earthy, sometimes sweet and savory all at the same time. Combined with the flavours of cinnamon and cardamon, it is a match in heaven. Turmeric is one of our all-time favourite spices.

How about an afternoon treat for the family and make some organic Zen Green Tea Matcha Tea cakes. So Yummy ! 

Take some time for out to have a beautiful relaxing Calm Soak Tea bath with lavender and chamomile flowers which eases deeply held tension and quietens the mind.

Top off your day by giving your skin a beautiful pure rejuvenation night cream by Dr Krasser.

Now that is a good day for the body, mind and soul!