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      This 7-day cleanse is designed to clear the body’s rivers of life: the blood and lymph system. “Flow” Blood and Lymph cleanse is designed to remove waste, accelerate detoxification, smooth microcirculation and enhance immunity. Cleansing the blood and lymph systems are imperative to creating balanced health in the body.

      The Flow cleanse contains: 7 sachets of Passionfruit cleansing powder, 7 bottles of Purifying polysaccharide enzyme blend, 7 bottles of Yi Qi Invigorating Blend drink, and 7 sachets of chewable Strengthening tablets.…

      All four blends help cleanse the blood and lymph, repair and activate cellular health, and improve immunity. The following blends are listed in the order they’re taken. The antioxidant Passionfruit Cleansing powder sachets promote circulation; the liquid Purifying polysaccharide enzyme blend lowers inflammation, the liquid Yi Qi Invigorating Blend helps boost and smooth micro-circulation, helps the body resist bacteria and viruses, and discharges toxins from the body; and the chewable Strengthening Tablets increasing vascular elasticity, reduce blood pressure and blood lipid concentrations.

      This cleanse is helpful for everyone who wants to clear their blood and lymph symptoms. We especially recommend it for people with mental and work pressures, fatigue, brain fog, anxiety, anemia, constipation, sleep disturbances, circulation problems, periodontitis, delicate immunity and innumerable other imbalances. Go with the flow!

      The Yi Qi Invigorating Blend boosts circulation all over the body. Please do not be alarmed. The contents of this blend are meant to boost flow to your body and flush toxicity. Your skin may itch, become red, feel “full”, and you may feel an increased pulsation. These sensations will pass. This is an opportunity to feel an expansiveness in your increased circulation, and not a cause for alarm.

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