Laughing Buddha – A Great Zen Master

Posted on December 30 2017

the laughing buddha

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The History

Laughing Buddha originally was named Hotei (in Japan) or Budai or Pu-Tai (in China). He is known as the loving friendly one and his figure is based on an eccentric Chinese monk who lived over 1000 years ago. Pu-Tai was a very kind, saintly and generous Zen master. He was a kind-hearted and compassionate character with a generous smile, giving him the name of Laughing Buddha.

Laughing Buddha went from town to town spreading joy and happiness, drawing people in as if like a magnet to his presence. Pu-Tai’s laughter proved to be very contagious and before long, all that surrounded him when he was laughing would also be laughing as well. This was his sign that his work had been done and this was his method of spreading happiness and enlightenment.

The Power of Laughter

Pu-Tai also means ‘cloth sack’, a cloth sack was carried with him at all times containing his belongings, he is not burdened by belongings, therefore his sack holds the whole universe.

Pu-Tai would express that the more you give, the more you receive. He would place his cloth sack down (his bag being a symbol of problems), give out sweets and small toys to children and then laugh loudly at the bag. This was to show that whether you laughed or cried at your problems, the problem (s) are not going to change, the power of laughing makes things much easier to handle. Buddha is someone who is enlightened and laughter was Pu-Tai’s great method.

Laughter is a powerful method to increase your happiness, it is important to find ways to induce laughter! Letting go and realising all the great in every moment! One study conducted by the University of Maryland found that laughter benefits cardiac health by increasing blood flow. The healing power of laughter has also been studied on many occasions! It was once believed that human health was governed by ‘the four humours’, if patients suffered with affection emotions they were sent to comedians to be entertained. Laughter has been proven to reduce stress hormones such as cortisol, increase happiness hormones such as endorphins and it even leads to a stronger immune system by increasing antibody-producing cells!

Even when Pu-Tai passed he still made great laughter to those around him. He asked to be cremated once he has died, this brought shock to many as this was not Zen Buddhism tradition. However, when they did so, fireworks started flying from his body as Pu-Tai had hidden many crackers and rockets in his clothes!

When you receive your Buddha Box, be sure to rub the belly of laughing Buddha as this will bring you good luck, prosperity and happiness. The Joy of enlightenment is not beyond the reach of ordinary people.

"It is our birth right to laugh" and "No matter what happens we should come back to laughter".  - Laughing Buddha


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